Audubon, PA

John J. Audubon Center at Mill Grove, Master Site Plan

Metcalfe worked with a team of planners and designers to create a master plan for the historic site and home of John J. Audubon. The final plan studies the range of possibilities for new visitor experiences at the center, but also articulates a clear vision for future programmatic and exhibit development.


The interpretive planning team, led by Remer & Talbott, held three workshops with key stakeholders including staff, educators, board members, and local and county officials. Each session challenged participants to work together to articulate and assess the current visitor experience, express goals and outcomes for a new visitor experience, and develop interpretive themes and stories for a future visitor experience.


Our final deliverable assessed the whole site; including outdoor trails, landscaping, the historic house, and a new visitor center. We described strategies for improvement from audio-visual elements, to physical, hands-on was activities that could be used in coordination with artwork, more traditional exhibition, and staff or volunteer-driven programs to enhance visitors’ experiences.