Fairfield, CT

Birdcraft Museum

The Connecticut Audubon Society asked Metcalfe to create a learning environment where visitors can explore the history of the site; the history of Mabel Osgood Wright, the museum’s founder; and explore the year-round birding opportunities on this important fly-way.  


The design seeks to educate visitors about the Connecticut Audubon Society’s core principles while helping them discover conservation strategies and bird rehabilitation methods inherent in the citizen science model. In addition, the 2,000 SF of new exhibits in the historic museum building enable secure storage of the extensive bird mount collection while simultaneously showcasing them to the public.


Night Kitchen Interactive is a partner on the project, developing an innovative, immersive environment that allows visitors to experience the site at any time of the day and in any season. They are also directing the effort to give visitors access to the enormous wealth of citizen scientist-generated data about the state of birds in North America — and to encourage visitors to make their own contributions.